Topic suggestions

Influence of the source in the presentation of scientific facts (contact: Laura Heintz)

We know from communicator research that personal characteristics are central influencing factors for the credibility that is ascribed to a communicator. So far, however, there has been little knowledge about different forms of presentation of science, such as the presentation of scientific content by different people (e.g. scientists of different sex) or references (e.g. institutions). In this subject area, a thesis with an empirical investigation (content analysis, experiment) is possible.

Visual representation of scientific content (contact: Laura Heintz)

In science communication in particular, the preparation of information is essential for the successful reception of this content. Few studies deal with the question of whether different presentations of facts, e.g. with graphic representation (graphs etc.) have a different effect on the recipient compared to a pure text representation. A thesis on this topic includes its own empirical investigation (experiment).